MRCA Quality System Auditors Registration Scheme

The MRCA Fees Schedule is listed on item 18.0

Upon application, you need to send in appropriate amount of processing fees, together with RM 10.00 to help offset our package and postage fees.

Cheques must be crossed and made payable to “Institute of Quality M’sia (MRCA-Program)”.


Online Transfer (MBB A/C No.: 5141 8721 3265)

The annual fees shall be requested only after the assessment of your application.  

The QSARS application package as follows:






1 New MRCA Application Checklist. PDF 1 Download
2 QSARS Booklet For Application, MRCA001, Rev 01-2011 PDF 21 Download
3 QSARS Application For Auditor Certification, MRCA PD10 (Rev 02-2013) PDF 3 Download
4 Audit Log, MRCA PD11-1, Rev 01-2011 MS WORD 1 Download
5 Quality Management System Auditing Experience Log, MRCA PD11-2, Rev 01-2011 MS WORD 2 Download
6 QSARS – MRCA Auditor Registration Renewal Form PD 11. PDF 3 Download

*You may duplicate item 4 & 5 if you need more copies to fill in your details.